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Gail Miller


Simon Kenton

Simon Kenton
5th Great Grand Uncle
Simon Kenton, Kentucky's original frontiersman and pioneer
Important Dates in the Life of Simon Kenton
April 3, 1755: born in Fauquier County, Viginia, seventh child (and fourth son) of Mark and Mary (Miller) Kenton, who had nine children altogether.

Spring 1771: Believing he had killed a man in a fight, Simon flees from home and makes his way west, changing his name for several years to Simon Butler.

April 24, 1777: Kenton saves the life of Daniel Boone in a fight with Indians outside the fort at Boonesborough, Kentucky.

Spring 1778: Kenton joins the colonists' revolution against British rule of America and has many adventures in combat.

Sept. 13, 1778: Kenton is captured by Indians but after several weeks of hardship is freed.

1783-1789: A settlement called "Kenton's Station" is established in Kentucky under Simon's leadership.

February 15, 1787: Simon Kenton marries Martha Dowden, who died in 1796. Simon and Martha had four children.

1790-1793:  To defend settlements in Kentucky, Kenton carries out several campaigns against the Indians.

1798: Simon Kenton marries Elizabeth Jarboe.

1799: The Kentons move to Ohio, a new frontier, and makes a new settlement near where Springfield is today.

1801: Kenton resettles near Newmarket.

1804: Kenton is elected a brigadier general of Ohio militia.

1810: The Kentons move to Urbana.

1814-1826:  Kenton suffers financial reverses and grows poorer.   He spends time in jail for debt

1827-1836: In gratitude for his heroism in years past, the Kentucky legislature returns land that Kenton had lost for nonpayment of taxes. The Ohio legislature voters him a pension and he spends his last years comfortably.

April 29, 1836: Simon Kenton dies quietly in bed.

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